Firm Sponsorship Referral Program

As our profession becomes more competitive and client needs become more sophisticated, providing a comprehensive range of services is key to growing and retaining a loyal client base. As often is the case, no one (firms included) has the capability or capacity to take on every engagement that comes your way. Sometimes, it is the nature of the work for which your firm’s skill sets are lacking, and sometimes it is the size of the engagement. To support NACVA’s members to be able to take on these types of engagements, we have created the Firm Sponsorship Referral Program within our Mentor Support Exchange (MSX). To establish this program, NACVA has partnered with carefully selected Firms who offer various specialties and types of support with whom Referring Members can use/contract to help secure these engagements and ultimately, build stronger client relationships and foster profitable growth. 

To be a part of NACVA’s Firm Sponsorship program, Firms must agree, in good faith, to discount their services to Referring Members and/or their clients from standard rates by at least 15%, and providing the member their standard rate scale. Firms must also agree that under no circumstances will they make any attempt to solicit the clients away from the Referring Member, even if asked by such client, in which case, the Firm should decline such client’s request. Additionally, Firms should do everything in their power to support and enhance the relationship the client has with referring member. Finally, Firm Sponsors must commit to be timely and responsive to referring member’s needs and requests. Any Firm of any size who is interested in being a part of this program may apply; you will find an application to do so herein. 

Here are some sound reasons why Referring Members might want to utilize the NACVA approved Firm Sponsors: 

  1. The client’s needs are beyond the scope of your services and staff resources 
  2. You are dealing with a client conflict that warrants using an outside party to maintain objectivity 
  3. The size of the engagement is outside the staffing capabilities of yourself or your firm 
  4. The complexities of the engagement lend itself to a broader team with specific knowledge and skills with whom you can discuss issues and obtain advice 
  5. You have concerns that the engagement might expand in scope and/or complexity and you want to be prepared 
Below you will find a list of Firm Sponsors and a brief description of the nature of services and support they can provide. Clicking on their logo will take you to a landing page on their website where you can learn more about their support and connect with the Firm’s point person for this special NACVA-only support program.