How Do I Build Upon My Existing Foundation in This Discipline?
Once you are committed to a discipline, meaning you have already certified and are settled in your new pursuit, the challenge becomes where to go from there. Certainly, this involves building your knowledge base and skill-set so that you remain competitive and do not grow stagnant. And though training is important, there are other measures and paths that could, and even should, be taken. Teaching or presenting is one path we encourage. Just about every one of our instructors will tell you the reason they teach, besides loving it, is that it helps keep them sharp and at the top of their game.

Association Opportunities

NACVA Support Group Application
If you are interested in accelerating your own growth having a path to: build a network of peer support through an Association sponsored activity; plug into the profession at a higher, more active and visible level which helps in professional development; and build your resume by referencing and boasting about Association activities and accomplishments supporting the discipline, fill out the Support Group Application with which you can submit/express your interest in getting involved in a variety of capacities, including teaching.
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Teach at a College or University
Through the University CVA Program, NACVA collaborates with accounting, economic, finance, and MBA programs across the country to provide a comprehensive course on how to value private business enterprises. Adjunct professors are in demand.
View more about the University CVA program here.

Training and Conferences

Current Update in Valuations
The primary objective of this interactive course is to deliver training and tools for you to produce a strong, defensible work product that will lead to increased confidence in your opinions. The course provides critical education from the foundation up by revisiting the core body of knowledge for business valuations and the newest developments in the profession.
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Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center
Despite having obtained the CVA credential, many newly designated valuators struggle with how to successfully and profitably complete an engagement. This course was created to advance the proficiencies necessary to obtain our valuation credential, but to also provide more practical skills, covering everything between engagement acceptance to report delivery. This is serious training created for both ambitious new -comers and seasoned practitioners who want to bolster their skills and build a thriving practice.
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Advanced Mergers and Acquisitions Workshop
The Advanced Mergers and Acquisitions Workshop is designed to provide consultants with an in-depth view of advanced topics in middle market mergers and acquisitions through a combination of class lecture, instructor/ attendee discussions, and case studies with real life examples.
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Expert Witness Bootcamp
Attendees participate as either a testifying or consulting expert, or sometimes both, in a mock trial involving financial testimony. Attendees will learn the art of delivering effective testimony and how to withstand grueling cross-examination. As consulting experts, attendees will learn how to dissect and critique the reports and opinions of the testifying experts and how to prepare counsel for the expert elements of trial. Each attendee will be coached and guided by members of our faculty of seasoned experts and invited trial attorneys. The bootcamp culminates in a courtroom setting during which program attendees, in the role of testifying expert, presents and defends his or her own expert opinions on the witness stand.
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Annual Consultants' Conference
The SuperConference of the business valuation and financial forensic profession. Simply the best and the only conference you should attend! Attending Conference is the opportunity to achieve great professional education from industry leaders, as well as, expand your professional network and make life-changing connections with your peers. 
View the Annual Consultants' Conference website here for networking opportunities.

Regional Specialty Conferences
These conferences will showcase known and established experts alongside emerging trailblazers, resulting in a dynamic experience that will offer you premier education with a unique innovative perspective. In addition to deep dives into technical content, these conferences will also address the often underexplored, but pivotal to success, topic of practice management. It is not enough anymore to have technical skills and acumen. For today’s consultant to increase their competitive edge and obtain the most profitable results from their training and designations, they must know how to effectively promote themselves and their practice.
View the Regional Specialty Conferences here for dates and locations.

Around the Valuation World®
We recognize the challenges you face in finding sufficient time to stay current. The Around the Valuation World® webcast is the next generation method of obtaining the latest updates, news, trends, and activity occurring in the rapidly evolving business valuation and financial forensics profession. To support you, we have assembled a team of industry experts who will be covering the profession's leading publications and delivering in a monthly online 90 minute webcast all you need to know so that at all times, you can be confident that your knowledge is current and accurate as you navigate "Around the Valuation World!". Monthly webcast attendance is free to NACVA members; CPE is available with an annual subscription.
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