Coaches for CVA Candidates

The greatest challenge to successfully meeting all the criteria required to earn the CVA credential is completing the Case Study. This process requires the Candidate to perform a business valuation based on a sample Case Study provided by NACVA*. It is a lot of work, and if this is the first business valuation you have performed, it can feel daunting at times. Notice there is no mention of obtaining a passing score. That is because our experience has shown that Candidates who have gone through NACVA’s recommended Business Valuation Certification and Training Center who complete the Case Study, generally do a great job on their report and obtain a passing score. The challenge in completing the valuation report is getting over the many hurdles and decisions the Candidate will confront throughout the valuation process and drafting the report.

NACVA has a solution to this problem:  

  • We have recruited a team of Candidate Coaches and every CVA Candidate is assigned a Coach. 
  • The Coach’s responsibility is to provide professional assistance to help the Candidate demonstrate and achieve the level of competency demanded to complete every step of the Case Study. 
  • Coaches are assigned to Candidates as soon as the Candidate has been issued the sample Case Study. 
  • After personal introductions, it is the Coach’s responsibility to contact the Candidate at least once a week over the 60 days allotted to complete the Case Study to see how he/she can help the Candidate with the report. 
  • Just as importantly, this weekly contact is to remind the Candidate that the Coach is there to support them and provide some inspiration, if needed, to move forward with the Case Study. 
  • Certainly, the Candidate can (and should) reach out to the Coach anytime (or at times agreed to between the parties) to ask questions, get ideas/suggestions and advice, have a process or methodology explained, review a section of the Candidate’s report, or obtain whatever assistance is needed.

 Only seasoned veterans in the valuation profession can qualify to be a CVA Candidate Coach. They are the best of the best and come primarily from NACVA’s deep bench of instructors and members of the CVA Case Study Grading Team. Our promise to our Candidates, if you truly want to earn the CVA credential and you take advantage of your Coach’s support, you will obtain a passing score on your Case Study.

*Candidates can submit an actual and sanitized Fair Market Value (FMV) valuation report (as defined by Revenue Ruling 59-60) on an operating business, prepared in the last 12 months. For more information contact NACVA's Credentialing Coordinator at (800) 677-2009.

Directory of Coaches (note: you will be assigned a coach)

John Janicek

Pat Rafanelli


Below are the links to assist with this coaching process:  


Application and criteria to be a Coach


Form to request a Coach or to change your Coach
(if you are not happy with your current Coach or find that your personalities conflict) 


You will be invited, via e-mail, to attend the seven-part webinar series entitled “CVA Case Study Report Writing Clinic" and will receive the recordings the day after they take place.


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