Burkert Valuation Advisors Coaching

BVA CoachingMuch of this website is ably dedicated to helping you acquire the technical skills needed to do the work.  But in recent BVFLS surveys performed by the AICPA and BV Resources, practitioners say bringing in new clients, fee pressure/pricing, and differentiation are the real burning issues.  Thus, NACVA has enlisted Rod Burkert and his firm, Burkert Valuation Advisors, to assist members develop the parallel marketing and positioning skills needed to get the work. 

Rod knows the opportunities and challenges that NACVA practitioners face because in one way, shape, or form he has been performing business valuations and related dispute work since the late 1980s.  And he has been operating his own practice since July 2000.  So he gets it. 

Simply put, Rod delivers real solutions to real issues in real time.  The solutions are the strategies that he and others you know have used to build successful practices.  These are not academic, ivory tower marketing-isms. They are real-world, road-tested tactics that work in today’s digitally connected economy.  And when layered together, and practiced consistently and persistently, the tactics will help you build your practice. 

The marketing and positioning skills Rod covers are woven into topics like: specialization, differentiation, social media, websites, pricing, networking, building authority, and other similar practice development issues.  The subjects are covered in either group or individual coaching sessions that other NACVA members are already participating in.

 Whether you are practicing solo or in a firm, Rod’s coaching program will teach you how to build a practice you will love coming to and find success in—however, you define that for yourself. 

To learn more, visit BVA/Coaching

If you are looking for immediate help, take Rod’s free practice self-assessment,or schedule a free strategy call with him. 

You can also download Rod’s free File Autopsy Toolkit. It is the best way to get a sense of the work you like to do, the clients you enjoy serving, and the alternative ways you can price your services. 

And about those people who are already benefiting from Rod’s coaching?  Here is what two of them had to say. 

I have been part of Rod's coaching group for a few months.  Rod encourages each member of the group to engage with the other members to share their experiences and ideas for the benefit of the group.  Rod is always well prepared for each session and provides ample time between sessions to do our "homework" assignments.  His knowledge of social media marketing and how to use it to grow your valuation practice is spot-on. 

I would recommend Rod's coaching sessions to anyone who wants to grow their valuation practice by reaching the most amount of possible clients with the least amount of time.  This leaves time for you to pursue other endeavors that are important to you in life outside of work. 

David Laudeman | Partner, Heckman & Laudeman, LLC


Rod has been coaching my group for about four months now.  Each session is an eye-opener.  His breadth and depth of knowledge in the areas of social media and marketing is pertinent and has immediate applicability.  I have never thought for an instant that I was losing any of the “personal touch” by being part of a group.  Nor have I ever felt that I was “on the clock,” and in fact, I have had several one-on-one sessions with Rod that have lasted an hour or more. 

Rod established his coaching practice to assist professionals in building their own practices with an eye toward quality of life issues.  His aim is to help professionals build practices that they actually enjoy, and which leave time for the truly meaningful things in life.  Rod is truly committed to this endeavor, and he is good at it.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to grow their practice efficiently and profitably. 

– Ted Phelps | President, Phelps Consulting Group